sketchy (20170925)

let me draw you
my little french girl

i’ll cover you
with a sheet of tracing paper
–not acetate
that’s too true–
that flimsy filmy stuff
we got in math class
and art class
and geography when we traced
the states
so we can trace
the state of things

translucent as they say
letting light pass through
but not transparent
because too much light
is same thing as seeing nothing

three for a dollar (20170717)

candles flicker for obvious reasons

birthdays, farewells, power outs,
supplication to saints
checking that canary you
carried down into the coal mine
homemade bikini waxing
sealing someone’s fate with a signet
pressed into a blood red blob
but mostly the presence of ghosts

dVerse ~ Poets Pub
Quadrille #36: Flicker

channeling cb (20160608)

we reach the light at the same time
the woman and i

i glance at her

she’s young, fresh-faced
her hair pulled back
into a ponytail

–why doesn’t she look this way

even as i turn back to the light
still freshly red

as we approached
either one of us could have run it
made it through that stale yellow
but neither one of us did

i look at her again
i have time after all
the other traffic is just now

as a sculptor
i have to look at her face

like when i started writing fiction
and dissecting screenplays
how i ruined movies for everyone
including myself
–that’s the killer
–he’s going to die in the next act
–here comes the first big reversal
instead of just enjoying it

now i look for bones
collagen and muscle
planes, angles and shadows

–why doesn’t she look this way

and i turn back again
as traffic is slowing down
like popcorn in the microwave
just before it starts smoking
and stinking up the kitchen

just as well
she doesn’t look at me
a twitchy old bald man
who’s face is drawn up by
tortured nerves into a grimace
that could be mistaken for a leer

or is it a leer
my dad was a real womanizer
couldn’t pay attention to his kids or wives
because he was always wondering
where he was going to stick it next
thank god i mostly look like a gargoyle
half stone, half flesh and blood
so i never had to deal with that

–and why the fuck doesn’t she look this way

the light turns green
it’s just as well our eyes didn’t meet
don’t want any misunderstandings
one meeting of the eyes might be an accident
but what if we end up at this light again
is that a relationship
who needs an extra one of those

it’s obvious she’s looking at her phone
and i hate that shit

starlight and razors (20160605)

i tripped and fell and
split in half

surprised to find that the split
to be smooth and polished

as if it had been there
all along or

as if cut by a stone cutter
wet saw heavy grit polishing wheels

but the inside, the caverns
left in their natural state

filled with glittering jagged
spikes, false stars winking

each one sharp enough
to kill a man

each star promising light
but offering only razors


The Daily Post
Daily Prompt: Smooth