strings (20170706)

i am stretched thin as a hair

speak to me and i vibrate
a single guitar string
in the cosmos
tying star to star
humming one note

if i were more
i would be a minor chord
complete and harmonious
yet melancholy even among
the celestial furnaces

stretched thin as a hair
tying star to star
if a fuse
i would burn
my embers meeting
in the middle of all things

21 thoughts on “strings (20170706)”

      1. I thought about one’s own pass through life, like a string vibrating in a concert.

  1. That was all amazing and beautifully done — vibrant [sic] between image and idea. Until your unequivocally cynical last line. I call BS on that. Have the courage of your lack of conviction. Nihilism would be fine, but the simple toss in the wastebasket you wrote cheapens the rest. I say go back and push harder. Maybe better just drop that line. “embers meeting / in the middle of all things” is gorgeous, powerful, and leaves the reader with nowhere to go. IMHO!

  2. A thought (and tell me to bugger off if you like): take your first stanza and write an entire poem that expands on that single thought. Stick to the I am, and leave out the “if.” Don’t undo this poem; it’s great. As we tend to oversay in the teaching community — trash or treasure.

  3. Wow! This is like coming into a poetry workshop. 🙂 I’m just going to sit back & take notes for my Psychology… I mean, Poetry Class!

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