tides (20171205)

you hang in the sky
a morning full moon
pale transparent stranger
alone in winter white expanse

i’ve known you forever
as long as i’ve known
the moon

i don’t know you at all
don’t recognize
these changing faces
that wax and wane

while you pull at my tides
i beg for cloud cover
and remember how you cut me
and how i had to cauterize
my own wounds
so i wouldn’t bleed out

song fragment (20170710)

we collected teeth along the shore
hey la, hey la, hey la
a necklace shiny and bright made we
hey la, hey la, hey la

a night and forever its length you wore
hey la, hey la, hey la
as i spoke with the voice of the sea
hey la, hey la, hey la

the moon shines pale upon your breast
hey la, hey la, hey la
now for eternity we are dressed
hey la, hey la, hey la

demolding (20161211)

i made a mold of my arm using
food-grade alginate, the same stuff
dentists use to make impressions
of your teeth when you’ve got a crown
in your future (too bad the palace
and regalia don’t come with it)

working my arm free was an exercise
in patience and a slow struggle
against the vacuum that
adhered to my fingers and held them
firmer than any handshake

in the end, there was a sucking pop
and my arm came free
i used the mold to cast a model
of my arm in plaster
all the pores
all the veins
recreated in moon-white
manmade stone

i think that’s the way
i want to be born
if i get a second shot
at this shit
my soul pulled out of
this gelatinous
dessert abomination
with a single deafening crack
and then a body,
still pocked with my imperfections
but no longer yielding to time
or sensation