we all fall down (20161027)

i turn out my pockets
to prove i have nothing
left of you in my

and am surprised
to find

ashes, a little salt,
a brittle molar hollowed
out by those twin mice

regret and despair
and what could be a
hummingbird’s heart

–beating or still i cannot
say–but composed entirely
of smoke


The Daily Post
Daily Prompt: Smoke

unfinished (20160927)

let us leave
all other things

figures emerging half-formed
from the stone
clay still marred by bumps
and fingerprints
brushstrokes broad and
nails sticking out of the wood
shoes untied

only let me tell you
about my love
and how it too is
willing to consume
anything and everything
that grows like a choking weed
between us


The Daily Post
Daily Prompt: unfinished

what we didn’t take (20160905)

something gentle as rain
falls on us
something like grace
something like whispers

it patters and puddles
at our feet
spreading like shadows
spreading like sunrise

our pockets are filled
with crumbs
maybe from cookies
maybe from cakes

we leave the umbrellas
we leave the coats
at home


The Daily Post
Daily Prompt: Cake

courier (20160816)

that weight on my shoulders
it is no feather
nor unbearable

i will carry us

carry you
carry me

through brambles
through flame
through disaster

i will be the disaster

so will you

we will not emerge
but we will emerge

i would fit you in my pocket
if i could
you already fit in my heart
in that spot between my shoulder blades
where our wings emerge


The Daily Post
Daily Prompt: Carry

sighs and pretenses (20160814)

we complicate the afterlife
or simplify it
smoking shadows or blinding light
always some kind of
inflated vision

of unimaginable prosperity
like a costco with free samples
in every aisle
no lines at the registers
and they take whatever credit card
you have in your wallet

of utter misery
processing travel reimbursements
with unclear reasons for changes of flight
destinations not approved
and receipts so crumbled and faded
they may as well be ancient greek

as for me
i will take peace and quiet
some kind of eternal stillness
as long as i can get


The Daily Post
Daily Prompt: Complicated

sojourn in flesh (20160725)

i want to be made of metal
and electricity
i wouldn’t mind the rust so much
if i knew it were coming
if i could clean and polish
the rivets and oil the joints

but unlike the woodsman
i can do without the heart
with it’s complicated gears
incessant ticking
always needing a gentle hand
to turn the key to keep it beating

even better, a data bank
–please, god, not the cloud–
would be a fine sanctuary
to store my mind
to let my consciousness expand
i promise i won’t
launch any nuclear anything
or ever go rogue
i won’t even bother you
asking for a game of chess


The Daily Post
Daily Prompt: Sanctuary

eye of the devil (20160723)

the sun hangs angry and red
two hands above the horizon
like a sleepy devil’s eye
burning through smokey clouds

though soft and orange
i am punished for looking
it scars the inside eyelids
i see its echo when i close my eyes

i will see its echo
when i sleep
and dream blind


The Daily Post
Daily Prompt: Punishment

immoveable feast (20160719)

the outside should be hard
the inside soft
like a marshmallow wrapped
in a tortoise shell
once used to foretell the future

something fatty
something greasy
something brittle that will
shatter between my molars

i long to grind it up
powder the marrow
against my teeth
saving the last part
the blood part
for the end

when the eighth month comes
there will be hunger


The Daily Post
Daily Prompt: Feast