in medias res (20171019)

close your eyes
and grit your teeth

this is going to hurt
this is going to feel good
this is going to make you forget but
this is going to be memory

let the feeling separate you
from your skin like a sunday chicken
on a weight watcher’s plate

let yourself be blind
feel the ten thousand needles
each and every single one of them


firmly in hand
eyes closed
eyes closing
because when they open
and your breath is your own again

the moment is over
is past
is memory

thin lines (20171015)

we went to a fingerprint party
all the finest detectives were there
dressed in their best suits
that smelled of cigarettes
and stale coffee

they showed us to our very own table
we sat next to a lovely couple
a serial killer and a lawyer
they met during the trial
and i didn’t bother to ask
who was who

i waited until the food
and watched them eat
but i still couldn’t tell
and finally
you got tired
of my paying attention to everything
except you
and you left
right before dessert

served in a tin tray

Three of a Kind

Here’s another set of images of my adventures in printmaking. The latest technique we tackled was paper lithography and it’s pretty fascinating. It almost works like a magic trick.

Things you will need:

  1. a black and white image (photocopy or laser print) on decent paper
  2. gum Arabic
  3. ink
  4. brayer (the width of your image if possible)
  5. sponge
  6. bowl of water (with citric acid added)

First, apply gum Arabic to your work surface. There should be enough to place your image down in it with a small amount around the edges. Press it down with your fingers, then place more gum Arabic on top of the image. Completely coat the image. Really work it in.

Get the sponge wet and squeeze out most of the water. Move the sponge over the paper, removing the excess gum Arabic. A thin coat will remain on top.

Ink your brayer and roll out the color on the image. Start from inside the image so you don’t pull up the paper. Charge the brayer and repeat, changing direction each time you begin the inking process so you don’t build up too much ink in any one spot.

Fill the sponge with water. Squeeze directly over the image and wipe very gently. Ink will wipe away from lighter areas, but will adhere to darker areas.

You can charge the brayer once more and then ink the image a final time.

Then, gently lift the paper from work area and place on the bed of the press. Align and cover with the fancy paper you are printing on, and run through the press.

And remember kids: if you image has text like mine did, you might want to flip the image BEFORE doing any of the above so that the text will read correctly AFTER printing.

mealtime (20171011)

if food only went one way
–forget about the conservation
of matter here–

if food only went one way
how long would it take
to get sick of chewing
and swallowing

how many words would we have
for full then
more than inuit words for snow

let’s say that you can
only eat so many
meals before
it stops going down
starts backing up

you can’t eat anymore
because your last meal
a pastrami sandwich that looked
great on the menu
now hangs greasy and wet
from your mouth
you chin shines and
the thought of putting one
more thing in your mouth
is enough to make you
want to pull out your teeth
with pliers
and sew your lips closed

how long do we have to sit
at a table set with ignorance
who the hell keeps passing the rolls

picture in picture (20171010)

i look at a photograph
a woman with short, curly hair
stands in front of a window
holding her phone up
as if she is taking a picture

i half close my eyes
aqueous images
parade across my vision
all specimens for inspection
under a microscope

one transforms into a jet
slides from right to left
top to bottom

it looks like she is taking a photo
while a plane descends erratically
behind her back
the crash inevitable

i take a mental picture of her
her hair is short and curly
the window in front of her
is closed
she is trapped between
a plane
and a plane
pressed between dimensions

her picture
is a picture of a window
that is closed

her hair is curly
it descends erratically
inevitably crashing
against the nape of her neck

she is a specimen for inspection
under a microscope

expectations adjusted, unmet (20171009)

autumnal orange light floods the parking lot
while soft snowflakes fall

even though these aren’t snowflakes
even though the greasy stink of smoke gives it away

hills burn
and wind pushes ash toward the sea
i hope the sunset–at least–
will be beautiful


dVerse ~ Poets Pub
Quadrille: hope