starlight and razors (20160605)

i tripped and fell and
split in half

surprised to find that the split
to be smooth and polished

as if it had been there
all along or

as if cut by a stone cutter
wet saw heavy grit polishing wheels

but the inside, the caverns
left in their natural state

filled with glittering jagged
spikes, false stars winking

each one sharp enough
to kill a man

each star promising light
but offering only razors


The Daily Post
Daily Prompt: Smooth

shattered voices (Poem 20160503)

the angel unfurls its wings
wings of a thousand thousand feathers
each a razor black with blood

they beat
space is cut
voices of shattered glass
fill the air

it turns my way and i am pierced
lacerated by its message
its wings seek my heart
it flays the living flesh
from my bones
leaving no human trace
not even
my name

Poem 20151228

i glow
i am a furnace
hot and steel-forging
and the blades i produce
make damascus weep
each word an edge
each word a razor so fine
it slices my tongue as it
leaves my mouth

i quench my blades
my words
in the cool water of you
in the satisfying draughts
of your eyes
of your words
which are sheaths to my own