sketchy (20170925)

let me draw you
my little french girl

i’ll cover you
with a sheet of tracing paper
–not acetate
that’s too true–
that flimsy filmy stuff
we got in math class
and art class
and geography when we traced
the states
so we can trace
the state of things

translucent as they say
letting light pass through
but not transparent
because too much light
is same thing as seeing nothing

16 thoughts on “sketchy (20170925)”

  1. OK, that was really great. Left so much to the imagination. Are you tracing a picture, or did you wrap her live in tracing paper? Tracing as a metaphor for how we are already indirect at best? And the language was also “light”, like tracing paper.

  2. niiice. “so we can trace / the state of things” – a wonderful layered set of line. – esp when combined with “too much light / is same thing as seeing nothing”

    And “that flimsy filmy stuff” – so what was the name of that kind of paper. I remember something not quite like tracing paper, but wasn’t.

    1. Thank you!

      I always heard it referred to as tracing paper. We’d get big torn sheets of the stuff. I guess vellum is like it but much more expensive than what I got in 4th grade.

      1. I remember waxed paper, too. I think we did some kind of faux stained glass project with it. Or maybe you’re thinking of your pb&j sandwich?

  3. Love those last two lines:
    because too much light
    is same thing as seeing nothing
    So true.

  4. That would be a cool art project; to trace someone. They couldn’t get upset if you didn’t render them beautiful enough in their eyes since you worked directly with what they had. Paper rubbing is fun, too. 😊

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