ornament (20170402)

a hollow christmas ornament
shattered against the fireplace bricks
such a shiny mirrored interior

what lives in there
that needs to see itself
wherever it looks
distorted in a not-so-fun house

the outside painted red
and i think
that’s the opposite
of what


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thanks and giving (20161123)

i am thankful
for the knife
that is made
of kind words
that cuts
without opening
the skin

that pares the fat
of my soul
(if i have one)
that makes a hollow
around my heart
(if it still beats)

i fold my hands
in gratitude
that i only bleed
on the inside
i lower my eyes
in humble appreciation
of the merciful cut

starlight and razors (20160605)

i tripped and fell and
split in half

surprised to find that the split
to be smooth and polished

as if it had been there
all along or

as if cut by a stone cutter
wet saw heavy grit polishing wheels

but the inside, the caverns
left in their natural state

filled with glittering jagged
spikes, false stars winking

each one sharp enough
to kill a man

each star promising light
but offering only razors


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