About corvus brachyrhynchos

This page will show some numbers and other facts.

The year, as I write this, she is still new and fresh, January 2015 and I am 49. This year I will be 50, a little shy of the halfway mark. I always thought I was lucky to born in 1965 as I could easily calculate my age using 5s and 10s. I do not feel as lucky as I approach my 5th 10. But it is what it is.

This year I will have been married for 25 years. So in 2015, I will both turn 50 and will have been married for half of that time. Momentous.

I’m a guy who writes. I write. I write fiction. I write poetry. I show the poetry here. I have not published the fiction.

I also program (for a living, but not independently).

I live in Southern California, where I have lived my entire life. I sometimes think I would like to live in Hawaii. I have, however, never been there. And if I lived there, I would have to constantly try to remember how to spell Hawaii without looking like I was trying to remember it.

38 thoughts on “About corvus brachyrhynchos

  1. I’ve nominated you again for 3 Days, 3 Quotes Challenge. I just want to emphasize that your participation is totally up to you. I don’t want you to feel obligated. I do think you are one of the best poets I crossed paths with on WordPress.

    1. Thank you for saying so. I think that I’m not alone when I say that I frequently feel like a fraud doing this. I have no training in poetry. I have a MFA in creative writing, years ago, and I always thought I would be a novelist. I might still be able to scratch out a book one day, but I turned to poetry to try to express myself without the confines of a longer narrative.

      I don’t usually look at the things I write with anything but disappointment most of the time. I know, rationally, that I’m dealing with imposter’s syndrome, but what does the heart care about rational?

      I appreciate your kind words. I really enjoy your poems and photos. Your always fearless when it comes to trying new forms and challenges. It’s inspirational.

      1. Thank you for your kind words.I think the “impostor syndrome” is a frequent visitor to all those artists (regardless of their medium) who take their artistic endeavors seriously, when attempting to combine their inner world with the outer world, and then sharing it with others.

        I just want to say that personally speaking I think your poetry is truly top notch, regardless of whether you had any formal training. Before I switched from a MA in Education to a BA in creative writing with a focus on poetry, I had spent my writing focus on short stories and for the most part shunned poetry. Possibly this ‘story telling’ impulse feeds into the poetic sensibility and form for those like us.

  2. I have included on a new page on blog called “20 Worthy Blogs”. The inspiration to create this page came from being nominated for two different award (challenges), which of course require me to nominate other bloggers. I am one of those that feels uneasy nominating people in large part because I don’t want them to feel obligated or unpleasant because they have to turn the challenge down. Another reason is many of the people I would like to nominate have blogs in which the challenge would not blend well with the intent and/or content of the blog.

    Any someone whose is listed on this page, you can considered yourself nominated or not nominated depending on your preference.. You could also just use 1 fact about yourself (from The Versatile Blogger or one (or more) of the 11 questions listed (from the Sunshine Blogger Award) as a prompt or inspiration for a post (with no need to link back to this post or mention the award).

  3. Hello sir, here to say your work is really inspiring and i am looking forward to learning more from it. – Cezane

  4. Ha … two things. I loved, thebackyardpoet’s comment for I could call you that too. Also, I love all things corvid and am known in some circles as Lady Ravenquest, or just Raven.

    1. No. Once when I was a kid my dad to me to Big Bear. It snow over night but there was nothing but gray slush left over by morning. Not even enough to make a snowball.

      1. With the heat we’ve had lately, I wouldn’t mind the snow. I just don’t want to live in it all the time.

  5. No one knows what life holds
    Life she not talking
    It’s a gamble,quite the risk
    Resolve and resolution
    Distillation,liquid dreams
    I would like to think
    We had some control
    But as I see it
    It’s being in the
    Rite place at the
    Right time
    It’s Niagara Falls
    (How is the left Coast crow
    Thought I would drop by for a cold one,even ice water will do
    Take care

    1. Sheldon, my friend, the left coast welcomes you. We are temporarily cool as we try to sneak into autumn. Help yourself to anything in my fridge.

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