Open Mic for July

First call for the monthly Open Mic Invitation.

You know you want to lull me to sleep with your mesmerizing, velvety tones. So why not, I say. Why not? Grab an ice cold lemonade or iced tea (or an Arnold Palmer for those JUST CAN’T CHOOSE), wet your whistle, and hit record on your phone/computer/ultra modern recording studio.

We’re all waiting to hear you.

Here are the steps you need to take (reduced to three for a limited time):

  1. Record yourself reading one of your own works.
  2. Post it on your site (or Soundcloud or any other audio hosting site).
  3. Include a link to this post in your post;
    OR comment below;
    OR send me a message using the contact form.

I will post a link with your name and poem title RIGHT HERE and on the new Open Mic page (it’s above in the menu).

Remember, it’s an open mic invitation. NOT a challenge.

Also, if you can think of a way to improve the format, I’m all ears.


Poet Rummager aka Rose Fluttering


Crow the moon and the crickets


Poet Rummager (aka Rose) Scylla


Pleasant Street hotter than eggs on a pan


sojourn in flesh (20160725)

i want to be made of metal
and electricity
i wouldn’t mind the rust so much
if i knew it were coming
if i could clean and polish
the rivets and oil the joints

but unlike the woodsman
i can do without the heart
with it’s complicated gears
incessant ticking
always needing a gentle hand
to turn the key to keep it beating

even better, a data bank
–please, god, not the cloud–
would be a fine sanctuary
to store my mind
to let my consciousness expand
i promise i won’t
launch any nuclear anything
or ever go rogue
i won’t even bother you
asking for a game of chess


The Daily Post
Daily Prompt: Sanctuary

sunset and messages (20160722)

we saw no angels only
the aftermath of their
swords cutting the air

orange sunset through
clouds of distant smoke
and somewhere a single

dog barking
__________i hope someone
threw that loud bastard
a bone to calm him down

as for the angels–well
they can carve up heaven
as they see fit

there aren’t enough
actual souls down here
to complain about it

reunion (20160721)

waiting in the airport
for the arrivals
but so is everyone here

two young women
lean over the walkway
one dressed for summer
one dressed for seduction

who are they waiting for
i wonder to myself
before i once again
let my phone distract me

but i keep returning to them
she’s dressed in a way
that means someone
is getting lucky tonight

finally he appears
some young adonis
swarthy to her pale skin
all smiles when she rushes
and leaps into his arms
wrapping her legs around his waist
while she kisses him
and her summer friend
dutifully records this reunion
with her phone

i wonder if she’s bitter
that she’s holding the phone
or is she happy for her friends
knowing that she’ll be driving
while tangle up in the back seat

immoveable feast (20160719)

the outside should be hard
the inside soft
like a marshmallow wrapped
in a tortoise shell
once used to foretell the future

something fatty
something greasy
something brittle that will
shatter between my molars

i long to grind it up
powder the marrow
against my teeth
saving the last part
the blood part
for the end

when the eighth month comes
there will be hunger


The Daily Post
Daily Prompt: Feast

the uncertainty of singing glass (20160718)

light catches it
like morning sun
on a single spiderweb strand

blown glass stretched so thin
it sings every time we breathe

connecting us
more frail than
sun-bleached bird bones

sudden movements
scare you like a nervous cat
so i mirror you
match your speed
and keep this thin tendril
from bending
from shattering

today the trend is all
self-healing polymers
but these inevitable shards–
will they go back together
get stronger
more flexible with mending

or will we just end up
with bloodied fingers


The Daily Post
Daily Prompt: Frail