October Open Mic

Holy crap,it’s October. Time for the OPEN MIC INVITATION.

You are cordially invited to play along. And since it’s October, spooky readings are encouraged. No, really. Go ahead. I’M ENCOURAGING YOU!

The Skinny:

  1. Record yourself reading one of your own works.
  2. Post it on your site.
  3. Include a link to this site in your post.
    OR Comment on that month’s call for entries
    OR send me a message using the contact form.
  4. I will post a link with your name and poem title RIGHT HERE.
  5. It’s an open mic invitation. NOT a challenge.

Some tips:

  • Go simple.
    I record using my iPhone, then email/share the file with myself. I very rarely edit it, unless I really waited too long to start talking.
  • Want better quality?
    You can get a relatively inexpensive mic on Amazon that you can hook up to your computer. Some of there come with editing software. If I do edit, I use Audacity on the Mac. It’s free and pretty easy to use. There’s a version for Windows, too.
  • Hosting.
    If you pay WordPress to host your site, you can add your audio by clicking on the Add Media button in the post editor. Have the free WordPress? You have options.All of the sites below will let you upload audio. Some will host for free up to a certain amount of storage. (I think with Youtube, you’ll have to upload a movie, but you use a still image and add your poem.)

  • Questions?
    Ask below or contact me using the contact form (up above). I’ll try to help you out!
  • And if you have any tips, feel free to share them!

October 2016


backmasking (the words)
backmasking 1

backmasking 2


Poet Rummager (PR, Rose)
Fifty Words Story – Thief


Pleasant Street
her cheeks

winds of autumn (20161018)

i apologize, homer,
i don’t have a goddess
to invoke or a pathetic
fighter to prop up
only my poor verses

all useless jargon
metaphor and simile
meter and rhyme
or rhythm at least

but i will whisper my true name
to an acorn
and plant it at the crossroads
every leaf and twig
will sigh my secrets

when autumn bares the trees
my words will blow about you
stick to your shoes
and you will pluck out
of your hair while gazing
in your mirror

true night (20161017)

as a ghost is perfect
in its incorruptible form
a smile
the twinkle of a star
a billion light years away
a candle not even in the same part
of the sky anymore
this illusion of a memory
lost by
closing my eyes
and letting the true night
and fading scent of
wash over me

sunset with insect (20161016)

the mantis
caught in my flashlight beam
gold and long as a finger

always our habit
to move everything to safety
–worms after the rain
or a leaking sprinkler
–spiders in the tub
–even yelling at the squirrels
/my mortal enemies/
tarrying in the street

i put my hand down
on the swidewalk
he needs a nudge but crawls onto
the meaty part of my index finger

this elicits a response
from a walker
heading in the other direction
they’re good luck, he says
and i’ve heard it’s illegal to kill them

i find a bush
hard to tell what it is
in the dark
and offer him his escape

he wraps himself around me
like a promise ring
maybe he likes the warmth
or he’s tired of all that walking
or maybe he’s just lonely

but i coax him off
onto the relative safety of the plant

come and go (20161014)

watch them come and go
eavesdrop on their conversations
no one is talking about
renaissance masters
but the emptiness
of the crowded room
goes down rough
like swallowing a
desiccated peach pit

what would they listen to
what conversation would you offer

the slow and slowing beat
of that pump in your chest
that peach pit of an organ
that withered on the limb

the message (20161013)

ironed so flat
cut so thin
you could read
the paper through me
were there a strong
light shining

fold me up
origami style
into an envelope
make sure
i have enough postage

or roll me up
into a child’s
drop me in a bottle
and set me adrift

i am the message
and my own medium
rap thrice on the table
mr. splitfoot
let me know
you’re listening