the art and science of subduing spirits (20170424)

i have tied you up
and you have forgotten
the safety word

the knots keep you subdued

the ropes are of my own weaving
regret mixed with despair
a few threads left of honest desire

the knots keep you still

but you are just a shade
easy driven out by a strong light
easily chased into dusty corners

my silence keeps you silent


dVerse ~ Poets Pub
Quadrille #31: still

It’s National Poetry Writing Month!
Day 24

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consideration of impatience (20170422)

go ahead and make me wait
i’ve got the patience of job
tied up in a bindle stick
over my shoulder

i can bust it out whenever
but i know you like me
impatient, eager
like ice melting off
a fingertip

my jaw clenches shut
and i breathe through
my nose because
if i open my mouth
there’s no telling
what part of your body
i will target first


It’s National Poetry Writing Month!
Day 22

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shadows stretching (20170420)

the fat sun
lolls low in the morning sky

pine trees line the street
casting long shadows
across the asphalt

a runner hunched half over
speeds through a gap
in traffic
silent train tracks

i wait for the crows
who have found something
unknowable but edible
in the grass

i taste the dust
of the field behind my
childhood home
chickens, horses
beyond the field
a neighbor of sorts
whose peacock
is crying


It’s STILL National Poetry Writing Month!
Day 20

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first itch (20170419)

at first there was an itch
an itch that wasn’t there before
and no hand to scratch it
so a fire had to do
to contain the itch
but the fire grew out of control
it burned without oxygen to consume
and its ashes became a fine mist
and the drops coalesced into diamonds
the first stars
and they sang with voice
but there was no air
and there was no one to hear


It’s National Poetry Writing Month!
Day 19

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