old ones in new flesh (20161205)

the scar is where the word got in
digging like the worm that it is
lacking but one letter for such a metamorphosis
single-toothed it found fertile ground and began to feed
to breed, a heart sized parasite
scar, i name thee trust


dVerse ~ Poets Pub
Quadrille#22: scar

what we reap (20161106)

it all has to be cut down
the waist-high grasses we
thought were wheat
but turned out to be inedible

there was no chaff to separate
no flour to be ground
no bread to be baked
but the unleavened
hardtack of regret
and false hope


as everything turns grey
writing prompts by J.R.Rogue and Kat Savage
4. What We Reap

the debt for happiness (20161103)

what do you want to do
marry every girl you know
that gets pregnant

messiah complex
if she’d been more educated
might have been her guess
though misguided
both she and i, really

her exasperation at
my naiveté
my disgust at her lack
of compassion

and carrying that
knowledge about us both
a red check in a black column
shaped like a ridiculous valentine heart


as everything turns grey
writing prompts by J.R.Rogue and Kat Savage
2. The Debt for Happiness

we all fall down (20161027)

i turn out my pockets
to prove i have nothing
left of you in my

and am surprised
to find

ashes, a little salt,
a brittle molar hollowed
out by those twin mice

regret and despair
and what could be a
hummingbird’s heart

–beating or still i cannot
say–but composed entirely
of smoke


The Daily Post
Daily Prompt: Smoke

unfinished (20160927)

let us leave
all other things

figures emerging half-formed
from the stone
clay still marred by bumps
and fingerprints
brushstrokes broad and
nails sticking out of the wood
shoes untied

only let me tell you
about my love
and how it too is
willing to consume
anything and everything
that grows like a choking weed
between us


The Daily Post
Daily Prompt: unfinished

physics 101 (20160906)

if you were to survive
falling into a black hole
the experts tell us
–and by experts i mean
neil degrasse tyson–
you would be spaghetti-fied
stretched from the edge
of the even horizon
all the way to the center
of that dark star

it might take forever
to reach the singularity
and who knows if you would feel it
pain is information
and information stays stuck
on the inside of horizon
and time stands still
or seems to
on the outside edge

all my assumptions
about you
are just hawking radiation
boiling out into space
maintaining a screwed up
sense of equilibrium

we can’t make contracts
with the devil
to prevent the heat death
of the universe
we’re already rushing away
from ourselves at the speed
of light

leaves ( 20160829)

trees shaken by breezes
in summer when shadows
are crisp
in fall
when clouds hide
our other selves

books opened
favored passages
corners dog-eared

your love
in spring when belief
is easy
in winter when the leaves
are moldy memories stuck
to shoes


for dVerse ~ Poets Pub
Quadrille #15: Leaves