germination (20170212)

i grow a forest sapling by sapling
shade loving and rough barked

while leaves turn upward seeking light
the roots
demand darkness

the roots
feed the tree
driving into the earth
drinking its life
its undulating fingers writhe
in the fecund loam
strangling the living and the dead

this is what makes the tree blossom
this is what produces the bounty of fruit
the juice that runs down your chin
the soft sweet flesh between your teeth
the satisfied smile when you spit out the seeds

these are the angels (20160804)

the beating of dark wings
in complete darkness
and the downy touch of
feathers brushing your cheek

this is no dream, this
eternal blackness
no manifestation of
of unfulfilled desires
or torturous regrets

these are the angels
with knives for voices
they want to sing to you

these are the angels
with razors for hands
longing to caress you

these are the angels
with fire for tongues
and how they want to kiss you

midnight snack and repercussions (20160707)

i slip out of bed
tiptoe to the kitchen
midnight house darkness

awaits me
in the fridge

in its own congealed juices
it needs companions
brown bread
mayo and salt

eaten cold
eaten silently
eaten quickly
it settles happily
in the gut

but in that house void of lights
except for charging phones
the loaf delivers
hours of indigestion and
nightmares on chipped, bleeding hooves
until breakfast


The Daily Post
Daily Prompt: Darkness

Poem 20150504

in the failing light we search with dimmed eyes
can the scent cling still to the air
the dogs whine and wish to return, the prize
uncaught and the horses toss their manes. unfair

to say the least, having tracked through woods thick
with brambles and thicker still with shadows long
only to have it disappear, a third rate magician’s trick
but we will track it by its song

as the now sun sinks below the line of trees
we hear it above our ragged exhalations
and the quiet humming of sleepy bees
we take up our arms, and greet the dark occasion

Poem 20150310

i fell through darkness into
deeper darkness
striking the earth with my back
splitting the ground
and splitting my bones
the darkness covered me
my breathing grew ragged
and my pulse faint
until the angels came
they breathed into my mouth
and my lungs filled with fire
they poured water over my wounds
and the black charred husk
washed away from my skin
and i could see the stars
turning and singing
and was happy for the darkness