conformation (20181011)

you rise out of water
as if breaking not
only the clear surface
but also erupting from
the riverbed

but you have fallen
from some greater height
propelled by the very water
you petulantly divide
cling to the earth
refuse to let go
resist all forward movement

the water will tear you down
the river will carve you up

i race past you
on the surface
like a miniature cloud in a sky
casting my weightless shadow

water will take me
and i will go
i spin as i pass you
declaring my verdancy
even as i change

even as you refuse to
gripping the mud
with your fingers
curled into claws

but the water will tear you down
the river will carve you up
you will be moved

liminal space beneath a rock (20170215)

today i lifted the rock
where as a child
i always found a menagerie
hapless creatures
slugs pillbugs spiders worms
damp in the shade between
their stone sky
and wet earth beneath
their many feet and raw bellies

only dry dust coated
the bottom of the stone
no damp earth, but a hole
carved through the earth
and in it
the sky on the other side
of the world
as if someone had placed
a mirror beneath the rock

but the sky below
held stars other than sun
and placing my hand through
the small opening
i felt ocean spray
on my palm
and no distance between here
and there

starlight and razors (20160605)

i tripped and fell and
split in half

surprised to find that the split
to be smooth and polished

as if it had been there
all along or

as if cut by a stone cutter
wet saw heavy grit polishing wheels

but the inside, the caverns
left in their natural state

filled with glittering jagged
spikes, false stars winking

each one sharp enough
to kill a man

each star promising light
but offering only razors


The Daily Post
Daily Prompt: Smooth

assorted ruminations (Poem 20160424)

the secret, the corpulent old pater familias
said, scratching his gut, is in keeping your
fidus achates close and your nemeses even closer

how i wish you would speak plainly, i said
you treat words as if you were struck
by some demiurgic fit

pulchritude in language is a gift, he wheezed
you should not treat your conversations as if
your words emerged from a bag of rocks
quarried from some vulgar site

i laughed at this
alack and alas, i said, i only asked for change
for the parking meter


National Poetry Month
NaPoWriMo Day 24
Mix and Match


the secret keeper
Weekly Writing Prompt #33
(5) Words: | PLAIN | LAUGH | SITE | ROCK | SECRET |