Poem 20160321

extruded from my own life
like a play doh snake
i await my new skin
with trepidation

will it be scales this time
or flames
or just ashes

transformation is
always like childbirth
only you’re forcing yourself
out of your own birth canal
–if you have one–
and you’re never really sure
what’s coming
until it’s out

Poem 20160304

the water is so heavy that i could skip
across the surface like a stone
i could bounce one-two-three
if i were lighter

but the water can’t bear my weight
any more than the earth could
so my lungs fill with thick
warm sweet salty water
i must be drowning
in amniotic fluid
so close to

but the fire burning through
my marrow through my bones
makes cinders in my blood
the fire wants cleansing
to cast off the cycle
of birth and rebirth

burning and drowning
at the same time
i close my eyes
i think of you
i open my eyes
i think of you

Poem 20141204

the first time her brother cried
she hid
opening cabinets
in the hospital room
crawling inside
pulling the doors shut
opting for the safety
and the quiet of a womb
big enough to hold her
recognizing the longing
in her brother’s voice