without mediation, wolf takes matters into his own hands–20191201

only his head
is big enough
to fit inside

–you have a problem, wolf says

he takes a long drag
the cigarette coal glows and dies
like a highway patrol car’s lights

–you think time only moves
in one direction

–you’re hung up on a metaphor
time is a river, you think
once you pass over a spot
it’s gone forever

i push my back against
the dry cave wall

wolf followed me here through the rain
worst storm in fifty years
now his coat is ragged and sopping
while i have a small fire
a bundle of sticks

i beat him to the cave
by all rights
i get dibs on shelter

he gets the storm

–it’s all good

he spits the butt into my tiny flames

–i’ll be back ten minutes ago

30 thoughts on “without mediation, wolf takes matters into his own hands–20191201”

  1. I love the conversational tone of this, and the imagery–and of course, the view of time.
    I feel like these two are in a scene from a Beckett play–but maybe that’s life. 😉
    Thanks for participating!

  2. Just love the bold entrance of the wolf’s head into the cave, capturing my attention from the very start, the imaginative story and the perspective of time, creating other possible scenarios.

    1. Thank you. Nice to have you here.

      Yeah. I’ve been in and out of the blog for a while. I’m hoping 2019 will be more productive for me. 😀

  3. I love the story in this. So visual and yet a bit blurred… which I think fits perfectly with the story you’re telling. The image of the cigarette glowing like patrol car lights is especially fantastic.

      1. That’s great! We spent our time around home. No new adventures. But we got a new puppy at the beginning of December, so we’ve had our hands full.

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