Day 8/30 of the Tupelo 30/30 Project (20170808)

you smile
like i could pick the shadows….


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This prompt is brought to you by a wonderful poet who wishes to remain ANONYMOUS. (Actually, it was brought to you by Janice at On the Land. It just came in anonymously for some reason.)

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dVerse ~ Poets Pub
Poetics: shade

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what are you afraid of? (20170731)

we are all monkeys screaming in trees
look out for the eagles
look out for the snakes
all fears are now equal
life, death, children, resources,
sex, power, violence,
not being able to sleep
without the tv on
and sleeping with the tv on


dVerse ~ Poets Pub
Quadrille #37–Be Not Afraid

shutting up (20170627)

sew my mouth closed
pack my tongue in
pickling salt and alum

i have no benediction

blessed are the hungry
they will be told to get a job

wire my jaw shut
pour fast-drying wet cement
up my nose
and leave my head in the sun
to dry

blessed are the infirm
they will die in misery

replace my head
with one of stone
use my vocal cords
for penny guitars

blessed are the other
they will be forced into corners
into alleys
into slavery of all forms
cut out of their skins
and trapped within them


dVerse ~ Poets Pub

untitled villanelle (20170622)

move along, there’s nothing here to see
broken bits like discarded crystal spheres
you should know i don’t care if you agree

my workings loosen, all at once set free
while you tell me, beg me, to persevere
move along, there’s nothing here to see

i’m no clock to wind with a secret key
much more like a badly hung chandelier
you should know i don’t care if you agree

the chain creaks and strains–then just debris
against the curling, faded veneer
move along, there’s nothing here to see

time reduces to rust these moons in apogee
an irritating hum of the inner ear
you should know i don’t care if you agree

i’ve had much practice as an absentee
all too soon this sorry shade’ll disappear
move along, there’s nothing here to see
you should know i don’t care if you agree


dVerse ~ Poets Pub
MTB–How to Write a Villanelle

rule observation (20170620)

image from Pixabay.

i catch fire and burn for you
but the flames scare you
and you retreat a safe distance
afraid to lose your eyebrows
though all the kids are doing it

you’ll be back when it gets cold
i’m certain of that fact
you were never one to enjoy suffering
you’ll be grateful for my radiance
and that I ignored the no smoking sign


dVerse ~ Poets Pub
Poetics: And the sign said…

the life you save (20170606)

approach from behind
place your arms
around their torso
under their arms
[if you can manage it]

if they’re flailing
and their eyes are
rolling up
staring backwards at
frontal lobes
just go ahead
and encircle their arms
as well
[since it probably won’t
make much difference now]

bracing with your left
make a fist of your right hand
and a stone of your heart
drive one or the other
forcefully into
their diaphragm

force those lies
they’re choking on
up and out

clean their face liberally with
water and allow
to air dry


dVerse ~ Poets Pub
Poetics: Poems that could save your life

something feathered (20170522)

she opens her mouth
a bird escapes
some magic trick

silent bird
with its beak
welded shut
by shame
by trauma

the sound
you breathe out
through your mouth
the sound of wings

you can’t breathe and lie
at the same time, girl


dVerse ~ Poets Pub
dVerse Quadrille #33: Sound Off!

you can hear the moon talking to herself (20170508)

the wolf plants himself by the fire
just an emaciated bag of sticks

–what do you want, moon chaser

he licks a paw and grins

–just waiting for you to die, fat boy


together, we watch flames
sparks echo stars
shadows echo night


dVerse ~ Poets Pub
Quadrille #32: echo

the art and science of subduing spirits (20170424)

i have tied you up
and you have forgotten
the safety word

the knots keep you subdued

the ropes are of my own weaving
regret mixed with despair
a few threads left of honest desire

the knots keep you still

but you are just a shade
easy driven out by a strong light
easily chased into dusty corners

my silence keeps you silent


dVerse ~ Poets Pub
Quadrille #31: still

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