rule observation (20170620)

image from Pixabay.

i catch fire and burn for you
but the flames scare you
and you retreat a safe distance
afraid to lose your eyebrows
though all the kids are doing it

you’ll be back when it gets cold
i’m certain of that fact
you were never one to enjoy suffering
you’ll be grateful for my radiance
and that I ignored the no smoking sign


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Poetics: And the sign said…

15 thoughts on “rule observation (20170620)”

  1. Reading comprehension begins and has its life in accessing learned vocabulary. As I read your poem I went back to a time where I, among many passengers, sat in an aircraft on an airfield surrounded by frequent cloud-to-ground lightning strikes. I watched the fuel truck pull up alongside, watched the guy climb down (lit cigarette hanging rakishly from his lips), watched him climb onto the wing and begin fueling. The vocabulary I used trying to get our in-flight hostess to let me off the plane came drifting up as I read your poem. Good work!

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