expectations adjusted, unmet (20171009)

autumnal orange light floods the parking lot
while soft snowflakes fall

even though these aren’t snowflakes
even though the greasy stink of smoke gives it away

hills burn
and wind pushes ash toward the sea
i hope the sunset–at least–
will be beautiful


dVerse ~ Poets Pub
Quadrille: hope

policy in effect (20160831)

huddle closer to me
ask me to tell you
going to be all right

i do
though i have doubts
of my own grabbing at my feet
though every step
is made on
shifting tectonic plates
each the size of my heart
each the size of my life

no physical clocks
in the house anymore
only digital trance mediums
monsters that communicate
silently with satellites
no ticking to mark the time
but still
the earth shifts
but still
the earth turns

i huddle closer to you
and tell you
i will be your
earthquake insurance