shutting up (20170627)

sew my mouth closed
pack my tongue in
pickling salt and alum

i have no benediction

blessed are the hungry
they will be told to get a job

wire my jaw shut
pour fast-drying wet cement
up my nose
and leave my head in the sun
to dry

blessed are the infirm
they will die in misery

replace my head
with one of stone
use my vocal cords
for penny guitars

blessed are the other
they will be forced into corners
into alleys
into slavery of all forms
cut out of their skins
and trapped within them


dVerse ~ Poets Pub

33 thoughts on “shutting up (20170627)”

  1. “i have no benediction left” is just perfect, along with a lot of the other lines. Honesty and truth, no matter how hard, are better than empty platitudes.

    1. Thanks. I’m not saying that encouragement isn’t necessary or helpful. But sometimes it’s better to say nothing and do something.

  2. I really liked the lines about pouring cement up the nose and using your vocal chords for penny guitars, as well as the final two lines. I definitely get in this mood from time to time and I appreciate your not backing away from how you feel.

  3. I get the attitude, love the poetry. Angry words are sometimes the most vivid colors — not just dark, but hot and piercing.

      1. Well, that and saying something lasting and profound. I sometimes despair of writing on the internet, because nothing is lasting.

      2. Lasting = lucky as far as I can tell. And I can’t pretend to be profound, but sometimes I can see where to put the knife, metaphorically.

      3. Yeah. Perhaps my fault is that I draw the knife from the drawer, leave it rest on the counter where everyone sees it, and then…. I always have enjoyed Hitchcock.

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