the dream of the moon (20190722)

i dreamt i was the moon, but the dream seemed real upon waking, so much so that i checked the mirror for craters and dark sides. i found nothing of interest–no man living there, no celestial maiden, no mochi pounding rabbits. the memory of that cold embrace of the dark sky, being held by nothing, floating and shining with an impossible weightlessness of being both far away and as near as a reflection in glass haunted me throughout the day and well into a moonless night.

for dVerse Poet’s Pub
Prosery #2 — “I dreamt I was the moon”

26 thoughts on “the dream of the moon (20190722)”

  1. …those dreams (or nightmares) that don’t let go once we awaken can be very unsettling. You describe it well.

  2. This is brilliant in every way. Mochi pounding rabbits!!! I remember reading Lorca’s “Blood Wedding” when I was about 17, and being shocked by the scene when the Moon comes out
    on stage and delivers a very poetic and hauting soliloquy….Your poem has that kind of impact.

  3. Oh, that’s a gorgeous piece. You know your moon myths! I love the feel of this, I’ve had those hyper-realistic dreams that leave you checking yourself or your room or your world. I wonder where they come from?

      1. To that specific place? Or to dreamland? If to a specific place, you’re being brought there for a reason. There’s a message for you there, or somewhere along the path.

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