rule observation (20170620)

image from Pixabay.

i catch fire and burn for you
but the flames scare you
and you retreat a safe distance
afraid to lose your eyebrows
though all the kids are doing it

you’ll be back when it gets cold
i’m certain of that fact
you were never one to enjoy suffering
you’ll be grateful for my radiance
and that I ignored the no smoking sign


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Poetics: And the sign said…

Poem 20160329

there are signs
it wants to break free

straining against its chains
skin raw meat
at anklesĀ and wrists
testing its strength
against cold, fire-forged links
of its own making

what would you do with your freedom?
a love potion? curse? plague?

the muse rattles her chains
and grins
showing blood-slicked teeth



the secret keeper
Weekly Writing Prompt #30
(5) Words: | TEST | POTION | MUSE | OWN | SIGN |