the life you save (20170606)

approach from behind
place your arms
around their torso
under their arms
[if you can manage it]

if they’re flailing
and their eyes are
rolling up
staring backwards at
frontal lobes
just go ahead
and encircle their arms
as well
[since it probably won’t
make much difference now]

bracing with your left
make a fist of your right hand
and a stone of your heart
drive one or the other
forcefully into
their diaphragm

force those lies
they’re choking on
up and out

clean their face liberally with
water and allow
to air dry


dVerse ~ Poets Pub
Poetics: Poems that could save your life

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    1. Thank you, Rose 🌹. I find that getting those lies out is about as enjoyable as cleaning up a hairball. 😊

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