expectations adjusted, unmet (20171009)

autumnal orange light floods the parking lot
while soft snowflakes fall

even though these aren’t snowflakes
even though the greasy stink of smoke gives it away

hills burn
and wind pushes ash toward the sea
i hope the sunset–at least–
will be beautiful


dVerse ~ Poets Pub
Quadrille: hope

30 thoughts on “expectations adjusted, unmet (20171009)”

      1. Yes, I’m from Sonoma County — my hometown, Rohnert Park (my mom and step dad still live in the house I grew up in) is just south of Santa Rosa, which has been one of the hardest hit spots.

        Are you anywhere near there? For some reason, I thought you were from Southern California.

        Also, last month, we had ash raining on us in Portland, OR, from the Columbia Gorge fires. Crazy Times!

      2. I hope your folks stay safe.

        I am in Southern California. We have some fires burning here in Orange County. My home is nowhere near it, but the skies looked hellish where I work. It’s pretty horrible all around.

  1. Oh, crow. I have so many friends I am praying for right now with all those fires. You have found so much beauty in those ashes, through these words. Sending good thoughts that you and yours stay safe.

      1. Smoky the Ashman
        Was some nightmare fuel they say
        Cause he reeked of smoke
        And a thousand tokes
        Couldn’t mellow that dude’s day

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