what are you afraid of? (20170731)

we are all monkeys screaming in trees
look out for the eagles
look out for the snakes
all fears are now equal
life, death, children, resources,
sex, power, violence,
not being able to sleep
without the tv on
and sleeping with the tv on


dVerse ~ Poets Pub
Quadrille #37–Be Not Afraid

29 thoughts on “what are you afraid of? (20170731)”

  1. Ouch! I frequently need to sleep with the TV on, but I’ve never equated it with fear. Hmmm You’ve given me something to think about (tonight, when the TV is on!)

  2. Yeppers, we still are screaming monkeys in trees. I wonder if they would go to sleep via the tv. I do not allow the tv in our bedroom. but I sometimes fall asleep in the recliner and awaken at 4 am wondering what jibberjabber has gone into my skull whilst I slept.

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