old ones in new flesh (20161205)

the scar is where the word got in
digging like the worm that it is
lacking but one letter for such a metamorphosis
single-toothed it found fertile ground and began to feed
to breed, a heart sized parasite
scar, i name thee trust


dVerse ~ Poets Pub
Quadrille#22: scar

eden in fair weather (20160820)

Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 8.34.46 PM

this garden fruit and soft summer colors
you come to me in the shade
world relaxed, murmurs of
bees and no lonely blossoms
though soon gentle eden will know
wild wind, wet rain, winter frost


Elusive Trope
Magnetic Poetry Saturday Challenge

everybody’s happy (20160819)

these rooms overflow, voices ringing with laughter
i too let my voice, a small bell, ring with laughter

but it’s false and hollow in my ears, fakery
of the worst kind. they watch me, ringing with laughter

because they see inside, they smell the rot of me
their noses wrinkle, their throats catch, stifled laughter

ah, if only i could slip away unseen now
then they could resume, a profound choir of laughter

but i stay where i am, eyes on my back, my neck
cadaver cold, waiting for the end of laughter


Jane Dougherty Writes
Poetry Challenge: Gazahl

my feet on the roof, off the ground (20160714)

Marc Chagall [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

night sky floating
decapitated head
sing and i’ll dance right off this roof
and down

your song
doesn’t interest the cat at all
but my love dances too
past earth’s long curve
to me


Jane Dougherty Writes
Poetry challenge #39: Sleep walking

the coldness of the moon (20160711)

the feelings appear
like a sudden moon
shining in the night sky
darkness ripped away all at once

but the stars are so small
and so very far away
far away from me
far away from each other

i will own this sadness
though it’s not authentic
this melancholy that turns
like a record in a jukebox

that spreads its roots
like a tree growing
from my chest, bursting through
bones and sinew

i will carry it
because letting go is cowardice
and facing it is cowardice
and writing this is cowardice


the secret keeper
Weekly Writing Prompt #45

The Daily Post
Daily Prompt: Cowardice

a long time ago (20160710)

my pulse dances in your veins
no small victory for me
knowing that i once moved you to wonder
to see more than obscuring clouds
more than the blinding sun in the sky

mukashimukashi, i saw the heavens part
and though the angels were not visible
i felt their eyes upon me, reducing
my organs to ashes
i hold them out to you now


the secret keeper
Weekly Writing Prompt #44

norns (20160703)

the woman sits at the loom
thread in her hands
she measures a cord
an arm’s length equal to
the length of a man’s life

if she coughs
or bored, looks out the window
as she pulls the skein
the measurement
might lack

if she sings freely
a song that makes her smile
or remembers a boy lost
to all but memory
she may add an extra span

she adds no knots
weaves no pattern
that task goes to
a sister already tangling
measured threads

the pattern and the knots
disguise the true length
hiding years, hiding dead ends
hiding where the third sister
kissed it with her blade


the secret keeper
Weekly Writing Prompt #43

antique lions (20160622)

the light is gone, replaced by gloom
cold water laps my feet unseen
by all but keenest twilight eyes

i linger long before your tomb
antique lions patinaed green
my sole companions of great size

i wait here with them for my doom
above the darkness grows between
the stars wink out so many lies

you said you’d wait while pale you grew
i’ve killed this world to join with you


Jane Dougherty Writes
Poetry challenge #36: Drowning leaves/trilonnet
First line: The light is gone…