a long time ago (20160710)

my pulse dances in your veins
no small victory for me
knowing that i once moved you to wonder
to see more than obscuring clouds
more than the blinding sun in the sky

mukashimukashi, i saw the heavens part
and though the angels were not visible
i felt their eyes upon me, reducing
my organs to ashes
i hold them out to you now


the secret keeper
Weekly Writing Prompt #44

weltschmerz (20160623)

taking a walk
through the industrial district
near work
is just like
being in paradise

you have the real breeze but
it can’t compare
to the warm wind whipped up
by the giant delivery trucks
and rumbling passenger-less trains

or the sweet scent
of diesel and gas
borne gently
on that wind
like a lily’s fragrance

the ground shakes
with traffic
as if the earth is new
and making itself
ex nihilo, ad infinitum