leaves ( 20160829)

trees shaken by breezes
in summer when shadows
are crisp
in fall
when clouds hide
our other selves

books opened
favored passages
corners dog-eared

your love
in spring when belief
is easy
in winter when the leaves
are moldy memories stuck
to shoes


for dVerse ~ Poets Pub
Quadrille #15: Leaves

antique lions (20160622)

the light is gone, replaced by gloom
cold water laps my feet unseen
by all but keenest twilight eyes

i linger long before your tomb
antique lions patinaed green
my sole companions of great size

i wait here with them for my doom
above the darkness grows between
the stars wink out so many lies

you said you’d wait while pale you grew
i’ve killed this world to join with you


Jane Dougherty Writes
Poetry challenge #36: Drowning leaves/trilonnet
First line: The light is gone…

Poem 20150322


a leaf does it
though i almost
never see the action
just the evidence
brown and split on the ground

tracked in wet and flat
on the bottom of my shoe
and always always near
the entryway
just in time for the cat to spot it

and in this drought
i try to feel guilty
for watering my trees
but i can’t work it up
because these are my trees
and their leaves