old ones in new flesh (20161205)

the scar is where the word got in
digging like the worm that it is
lacking but one letter for such a metamorphosis
single-toothed it found fertile ground and began to feed
to breed, a heart sized parasite
scar, i name thee trust


dVerse ~ Poets Pub
Quadrille#22: scar

29 thoughts on “old ones in new flesh (20161205)”

  1. I agree with Bjorn. And this is my kind of quadrille – dark, wormy words that enter through scars – but they often emerge as the best poems.

  2. Oh this is so well done. I’m reminded of the idea that it takes so very much to build up trust, and so little to break it down. That one word….that little worm….
    Very well done!

  3. Wow! Briliant and thought-provoking all through, and doubly so with the twist at the end.

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