picture in picture (20171010)

i look at a photograph
a woman with short, curly hair
stands in front of a window
holding her phone up
as if she is taking a picture

i half close my eyes
aqueous images
parade across my vision
all specimens for inspection
under a microscope

one transforms into a jet
slides from right to left
top to bottom

it looks like she is taking a photo
while a plane descends erratically
behind her back
the crash inevitable

i take a mental picture of her
her hair is short and curly
the window in front of her
is closed
she is trapped between
a plane
and a plane
pressed between dimensions

her picture
is a picture of a window
that is closed

her hair is curly
it descends erratically
inevitably crashing
against the nape of her neck

she is a specimen for inspection
under a microscope

norns (20160703)

the woman sits at the loom
thread in her hands
she measures a cord
an arm’s length equal to
the length of a man’s life

if she coughs
or bored, looks out the window
as she pulls the skein
the measurement
might lack

if she sings freely
a song that makes her smile
or remembers a boy lost
to all but memory
she may add an extra span

she adds no knots
weaves no pattern
that task goes to
a sister already tangling
measured threads

the pattern and the knots
disguise the true length
hiding years, hiding dead ends
hiding where the third sister
kissed it with her blade


the secret keeper
Weekly Writing Prompt #43