everybody’s happy (20160819)

these rooms overflow, voices ringing with laughter
i too let my voice, a small bell, ring with laughter

but it’s false and hollow in my ears, fakery
of the worst kind. they watch me, ringing with laughter

because they see inside, they smell the rot of me
their noses wrinkle, their throats catch, stifled laughter

ah, if only i could slip away unseen now
then they could resume, a profound choir of laughter

but i stay where i am, eyes on my back, my neck
cadaver cold, waiting for the end of laughter


Jane Dougherty Writes
Poetry Challenge: Gazahl

10 thoughts on “everybody’s happy (20160819)”

  1. It is a good poem, and I love the laughter of the refrain. You’re not alone in ignoring the rhyme scheme. Was it intentional, or is that one of the rules you overlooked? I ask because so many of you have missed out the rhyme.

    1. I didn’t know there was another rhyme. I went to Shadow Poetry and followed their example. I don’t know if I would have had it in me to work in a secondary rhyme. 😅

      1. The shadow poetry does actually say there’s an internal rhyme. There are quite a lot of rules, even more if you look at other sites, so I can see why that particular one escaped your attention. And yes, it is an absolute bugger to get that rhyme to work!

    1. Thanks so much. This one does have a form, the ghazal. But I think I didn’t get all the rules. I’m just a rule-breaker! 😂

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