the coldness of the moon (20160711)

the feelings appear
like a sudden moon
shining in the night sky
darkness ripped away all at once

but the stars are so small
and so very far away
far away from me
far away from each other

i will own this sadness
though it’s not authentic
this melancholy that turns
like a record in a jukebox

that spreads its roots
like a tree growing
from my chest, bursting through
bones and sinew

i will carry it
because letting go is cowardice
and facing it is cowardice
and writing this is cowardice


the secret keeper
Weekly Writing Prompt #45

The Daily Post
Daily Prompt: Cowardice

Poem 20160329

there are signs
it wants to break free

straining against its chains
skin raw meat
at anklesĀ and wrists
testing its strength
against cold, fire-forged links
of its own making

what would you do with your freedom?
a love potion? curse? plague?

the muse rattles her chains
and grins
showing blood-slicked teeth



the secret keeper
Weekly Writing Prompt #30
(5) Words: | TEST | POTION | MUSE | OWN | SIGN |