number 29

the blue sky
has brought out all
the happy idiots
who have never seen the sun
and stand
staring at it without welder’s glass
mouths open

and maybe this is a kind
of spring fever
a delirium of summer hunger

tomorrow will be the last day of the weekend
ten degrees cooler
with overnight rain
fewer cars
less happy idiots

Poem 20160225c

silent birds
there will be no spring
no blossoms
no green buds
to reach for the yellow sun
no signaled ending

winter sleeps
and in his flawed dream
his eyes close
then open
a cold world shot through with ice
white intensity


the secret keeper
Weekly Word Prompt #25

Poem 20150208

the day cools
yesterday was much hotter
than predicted
today seemed much cooler
than predicted

the sky is blue
so blue
so clear
so pure
it’s a verb
it blues so hard
it hurts to stare at it
from my spot
on the couch

i spare it a moment
while i think about
something else
until looking at the sky
makes my eyes water
and i forget what
i was thinking about