Poem 20151117

the birds exercise their right
to be silent today
avoiding the feeders
and the yard in general
like an apocalypse
en media res
and i didn’t get the memo

the sky is so blue
what kind of blue
what word to replace blue
such a simple set of four letters

but none of the synonyms appeal
it’s blue blue blue
it’s clean-clear, almost white
it’s blue like a transparent
layer of skin that can be peeled back
revealing a host of sword-wielding angels

but are there any other kind?

even angels of mercy carry scalpels
in their tongues
and their words cut away the dead weight
the dying weight
paring you down so that you can fly
like them with hollow bones
silent mouths

you have the right to remain–

Poem 20150401

everything starts as a seed
buried in the warmth of earth
buried in the dark of the earth

they say that we struggled out
of the sea
millions of years ago

that may be the truth
but it is much more true
that we break through the crust

of soil, climbing out of darkness
reaching for the yellow light
reaching for the heat
and gazing at the blue expanse

Poem 20150208

the day cools
yesterday was much hotter
than predicted
today seemed much cooler
than predicted

the sky is blue
so blue
so clear
so pure
it’s a verb
it blues so hard
it hurts to stare at it
from my spot
on the couch

i spare it a moment
while i think about
something else
until looking at the sky
makes my eyes water
and i forget what
i was thinking about