the weather (20171108)

and now
the weather report

tonight will be cold
mostly cloudless

the earth will exhale
homeless who do not have
a sleeping bag
or a tent to crawl into
or a car empty of gas but with windows

they will slide
into chambers like bullets
that can’t can’t can’t can’t
penetrate flesh
or tolerance

lucky for them
this is the coast
where the ice age
doesn’t descend
in sheets of actual ice

lucky for them
the weather is mild
lucky for them
they are lucky

they are knives
seen through windows
turn turn turn up the radio
they cannot cut
if they are sheathed

their cardboard magic spells
their incantations
they will not not not alter this

they will go hungry
they will become hungry ghosts
they will be silent as a vacuum is silent

Poem 20150309

the goats barely seem interested
in their treats
maybe because they’re too busy
wondering about the difference
in walking partners
their level of interest
skyrockets once
the chickens show up for crumbs
maybe it’s the time change
but the morning turned out colder
than i thought it would
with low, heavy clouds
still pretending that the sun
won’t break through later
if it parted the clouds now
like some old testament pillar of fire
the sun would bake us
and you would have to take off
your sweater when we walk back
and the goats would run for shade