Poem 20160326

strands of web
lock me in this place
like a fly
i wait for
my own apex predator
this night full of stars

in the blackened sky
i don’t know
how i lost
or why now as the web sings
–a plucked violin–

thoughts of you
your laughter and tears
one more star
my spider–
i won’t leave a scratch, she says
as she now leans in

the secret keeper
Weekly Writing Prompt #29
(5) Words: | WEB | LOST | BLACK | SCRATCH | LOCK |

Poem 20160225c

silent birds
there will be no spring
no blossoms
no green buds
to reach for the yellow sun
no signaled ending

winter sleeps
and in his flawed dream
his eyes close
then open
a cold world shot through with ice
white intensity


the secret keeper
Weekly Word Prompt #25

Poem 20160210

through these trees
a cold river runs
flowing true
wearing light
bold fish stare holding your gaze
your feet splash–shivers



Hey, it’s a twofer challenge!

The Secret Keeper
Weekly Writing Prompt #23
(5) Words: | STARE | RIVER | HOLD | TRUE | WEAR |


Jane Dougherty Writes
Poetry challenge #17: Shadorma

Poem 20160129

hollow man
with bones so fragile
that you break
–you shatter
under the weight of what if
why not–when–why–why

hollow man
your shoulders sprout wings
leather hard
paper thin
too fragile to beat–to lift
to bear empty weight

hollow man
every breath a strain
a rattle
a wheezing
crushing an empty chamber
that once held a heart

hollow man
you struggle although
failure is
a small sleep
and even a hollow man
can see the sunrise


Jane Dougherty Writes Poetry Challenge #15: Shadorma