passing (20170729)

sweat sticking to my neck
like some kind of glue
the only thing
adhering is

the waning heat of
this summer evening

as with the night
so too the season

but there will
be flames ahead
we creep slowly into
fall like we’ve
forgotten to let go
of summer’s hand
while autumn waits
on the doorstep
checking her watch

the mind’s pie (20170705)

summer strolls through
my backyard
leaving peaches fall
baking in the sun
attended by fig beetle and
overwhelming sweet fermenting scent
fills the air
a thousand pies all at once

i long
for the taste of melting
ice cream on my tongue
the coarse grains
of the vanilla bean

a car
on the freeway honks
and i pretend it’s
one of lake geese

blinds intentionally left open (20170626)

classroom full of desks
empty of sound movement energy
the whiteboard traps faded
and fading ghosts
see you next year
have a great summer
a giant smiling face

outside sprinklers
fire like machine guns
in a 40s gangster film
and sunlight washes
the room in heat
and smell of pine
from the floor fills the room

peach (20170624)

the peaches ripen now
the beginning of summer

we work fast

to protect what we can of this small
crop from a single tree
trimming back

the branches
where they encroach
on the neighbor’s roof
covering it with a net
in an attempt

to keep birds and
rats and squirrels
[all the same genus as far
as i am concerned when
it comes to this tree]
from making short work of
the fruit

picking a handful
that are ripe
or almost there

eating a single
peach while on the ladder
holding it in my work gloves
and biting into the soft flesh
not caring how the juice runs down
my chin or glistens on my leather fingers
tossing the pit into the open can
and thinking that i’ve never
tasted a peach that good
and knowing it may be

the sun [browning my neck]
doing the talking

my summer vacation (20160626)

i have sharpened corners
a six-sided box of a man

i don’t breathe anymore
so i can live my life backwards

everything flips

my past wriggles like a snake
drawn endlessly from my spine

a magician’s trick of
of unending handkerchiefs

outside a beautiful evening cools
while i think about

school and how far
i have run from learning

a damned