in the spring (20170313)

no gentle spring rains
from the wretched grandfather clock
just the constant hunger for winding
we feed it tension and time
it belches chimes gears and fears

that reek of aftershave
brought tears to my eyes
an empty chair
a thousand sour, empty threats


dVerse ~ Poets Pub
Quadrille #28: Spring

23 thoughts on “in the spring (20170313)”

    1. I was thinking about how we imbue objects with power through association. And how sometimes the Werther candy commercials get it so wrong.

  1. Oh Crow, your Quadrille really grabbed me. I like the way that ‘spring’ in the first line could be the season or a coil of wire tumbling from a wretched grandfather clock. Painful memories expressed so well.

  2. I like the idea of feeding the grandfather clock and it producing chimes as if it were alive, but is rather a “wretched” machine representing “empty threads” of perhaps a real grandfather who is no longer there.

  3. I hear anger and a reluctance to let go in these words. Even grandfather clock seems angry. May Spring clear the air!

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