this summer evening sees no stars (20160603)

this summer evening
sees no stars
set into the night sky

perhaps an eagle took them
on silent wings to line her nest
this summer evening

or the man who cannot shut his eyes
buried them and now he
sees no stars

or rather than theft, is it the rippling
golden expanse of laughter
set into the night sky


Jane Dougherty Writes
Poetry challenge #33: Silent cascade

The Daily Post
Daily Prompt: Sky

Poem 20150211

like a song filtering through the air
on a clear day
when the sky is so bright
it seems like the sun will crack
the way an egg does,
breathing feels like flight
the sun like feathers on the skin
and your feet lift out of your shoes
because your shoes
are only meant to tread the earth
and you rise
and you rise
and the earth falls away
below your
painted toes

Poem 20150208

the day cools
yesterday was much hotter
than predicted
today seemed much cooler
than predicted

the sky is blue
so blue
so clear
so pure
it’s a verb
it blues so hard
it hurts to stare at it
from my spot
on the couch

i spare it a moment
while i think about
something else
until looking at the sky
makes my eyes water
and i forget what
i was thinking about