untitled (20170223)

little new in the news
(little love lost between late lovers)

i thought i was a cynic
defined once as a failed, frustrated romantic


that’s a digression
that’s a depression
that’s a diversion

everyone wants to be
a snowflake these days
as ephemeral as a cherry blossom
and so so cold
so cold you can’t expect
any warmth
just a glint of light
reflected and refracted
an impermanent diamond

no one is a snowflake
you’re all just raindrops
and you’re not even making
me wet

do i contradict your worldview?
very well then, i contradict it

what we have here is a (failure)
to communicate
but it’s only because my mirror
has darkened and cracked
on a different xy coordinate
than your own one dimensional glass


dVerse ~ Poets Pub
OpenLinkNight #190

manicured wastelands without roots (20170221)

from the latin
sub “below, near”
and urbs (genitive urbis) “city”

so then, one might say
something beneath a city
fungus like
virulent and in the dark
but really
what else grows in shadows
and in shit

just so many mushroom capped
spore spreaders without
bearing the weight of skyscrapers
and the dreams that built them
stone on stone

the murder rate is lower
but the suicide rate is higher
in spite of the lack of tall buildings


dVerse ~ Poets Pub
Poetics – suburb poetry

esprit accompli (20170202)

standing just beyond my door
and no one saw but me
moon-like face so ghostly pale
and eyes a dead white sea

skin of alabaster stone
her wild hair untamed
shrouded in her burial clothes
she bade me ask her name

jaw unlocked, i spoke her name
she nodded at me twice
turned to ash and then to air
for that was naming’s price


dVerse ~ Poets Pub
Meeting the bar: Common Meter

the line of breaking light (20170130)

we await the turning of the earth
pretending we turn it
beneath our feet
but that which is shifting
is inside us
a tidal force within
the pit of our stomachs
guiding our sleepy eyes
toward the horizon
and the first light
of dawn

dVerse ~ Poets Pub
Quadrille #25: Dawn

our library (20170102)

like ancient
desert worn parchment
where the text has faded

let me curl against you
let us fold up together

let there be no dry whisper
of fingertips smoothing
our edges
flattening us

let us spiral together
our stories winding about
one another


for dVerse ~ Poets Pub
Quadrille#23: curl

old ones in new flesh (20161205)

the scar is where the word got in
digging like the worm that it is
lacking but one letter for such a metamorphosis
single-toothed it found fertile ground and began to feed
to breed, a heart sized parasite
scar, i name thee trust


dVerse ~ Poets Pub
Quadrille#22: scar