untitled (20170223)

little new in the news
(little love lost between late lovers)

i thought i was a cynic
defined once as a failed, frustrated romantic


that’s a digression
that’s a depression
that’s a diversion

everyone wants to be
a snowflake these days
as ephemeral as a cherry blossom
and so so cold
so cold you can’t expect
any warmth
just a glint of light
reflected and refracted
an impermanent diamond

no one is a snowflake
you’re all just raindrops
and you’re not even making
me wet

do i contradict your worldview?
very well then, i contradict it

what we have here is a (failure)
to communicate
but it’s only because my mirror
has darkened and cracked
on a different xy coordinate
than your own one dimensional glass


dVerse ~ Poets Pub
OpenLinkNight #190