revenant (20170213)

this is how we find us

broken open
like the head of a fine
china doll

this space between
this silence a ghost
of words
this silence a slow fade
of smiles
a spectral liminal shade

we touch
the sound of yellowed paper


dVerse ~ Poets Pub
Quadrille #26: ghost

20 thoughts on “revenant (20170213)”

  1. This chilled me to the bone – specifically the ‘head of a fine / china doll’ – they freak me out! I love the lines:
    ‘this space between
    this silence a ghost
    of words’.

  2. I can hear the modern day, avant-garde version of Scott Walker singing these lines. (Which is a compliment in my book, in case you are wondering!)

    1. Cool, thank you. I will admit I am not familiar with his work, but if you’re comparing me to something you like, I’ll take it!

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