our library (20170102)

like ancient
desert worn parchment
where the text has faded

let me curl against you
let us fold up together

let there be no dry whisper
of fingertips smoothing
our edges
flattening us

let us spiral together
our stories winding about
one another


for dVerse ~ Poets Pub
Quadrille#23: curl

54 thoughts on “our library (20170102)”

  1. wornderful wrapping of your words around your subject. I was in a libraryish mood the other night as well. oh, and i’ll express my displeasure for spiral bindings (well, on books anyway)

  2. I read an analogy of old lovers with parchment skin in this wonderful whorl of words

  3. I really like this one.Any poem that uses library, books and parchment imagery well is a work of art that I am bound to fall in love with.

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