esprit accompli (20170202)

standing just beyond my door
and no one saw but me
moon-like face so ghostly pale
and eyes a dead white sea

skin of alabaster stone
her wild hair untamed
shrouded in her burial clothes
she bade me ask her name

jaw unlocked, i spoke her name
she nodded at me twice
turned to ash and then to air
for that was naming’s price


dVerse ~ Poets Pub
Meeting the bar: Common Meter

24 thoughts on “esprit accompli (20170202)”

    1. Thanks. It’s partially based on a dream I had when I was little. My grandma was watching me, and it was nap time. I swear I saw a woman with a round face, dressed in white, smiling at me outside my bedroom door. It must have been a dream because my grandma said it was her mother (who was dead) and no one ever talked about it later. Also, she was dressed in a plain robe like a monk from a California mission.

  1. I could hear the flow of the common meter when reading this.

    I remember seeing my aunt after she died. I was an adult and it was around noon. What surprised me was that I was not particularly close to her and I had not seen her in over a decade.

  2. Wowsy! Chills and adsmiration from me πŸ˜€ Hey! I saw a ghost, too, when I was about four years old. I think it was my great grandmother, and she was dressed in all black — sitting on a chair and watching us sleep. I may write about it, too, someday.

    1. Thanks, Rose

      You should write about it. I don’t know how old I was. No older than 6 I think. It’s one image that I’ve never forgotten.

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