the mind’s pie (20170705)

summer strolls through
my backyard
leaving peaches fall
baking in the sun
attended by fig beetle and
overwhelming sweet fermenting scent
fills the air
a thousand pies all at once

i long
for the taste of melting
ice cream on my tongue
the coarse grains
of the vanilla bean

a car
on the freeway honks
and i pretend it’s
one of lake geese

25 thoughts on “the mind’s pie (20170705)”

  1. Mind’s pie bakes the craziest concoctions. At the very least, the beetle and squirrel didn’t end up fermenting in the peach pie! If they did, you’d end up with a Squirbeetpeach pie. Superb!

  2. I like “a thousand pies all at once”. And of course your usual, slightly cynical take at the end, LOL!

  3. I have to give this FIVE stars, Crow. It is wonderful! That last line about the geese is just brilliant.

    1. Thanks. We’re lucky to live near an Audubon nature preserve so we get lots of waterfowl year round. 😊

      1. That must be amazing! We live in the country and the street is across from a creek and greenspace. We have ducks, gulls, herons, kingfishers and loads of frogs to feed them.

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