passing (20170729)

sweat sticking to my neck
like some kind of glue
the only thing
adhering is

the waning heat of
this summer evening

as with the night
so too the season

but there will
be flames ahead
we creep slowly into
fall like we’ve
forgotten to let go
of summer’s hand
while autumn waits
on the doorstep
checking her watch

6 thoughts on “passing (20170729)”

  1. striking images, developing into a rich metaphorical whole…what arose for me was a warning of the political terrain, as if we haven’t collectively grasped the seriousness of the situation, the slouching toward Bethlehem.

  2. It was great to read a number of your poems one after the other. My on-and-off WordPress these days is forcing me to change how I’m reading some of my favourite poets. A collection, even a handful of poems provides a whole different feel and perspective of the poet than the daily task of keeping pace with the blog Reader. Anyway – great work Mr. Crow.

    1. Thank you so much. I’m always happy to see new work by you as well. I loved the one that referenced Li Po and time running down the stairs.

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