/pen/umbra (20171113)

no silhouette cut by diamonds
no sharp crisp edge of a shadow

you need a cloudless sky
and a summer sun for that

the fog bound star in the sky
gives me a fuzzy edge

vampires don’t cast
reflections in mirrors or shadows
because they lost their souls.

what of my caterpillar-soft double
writhing on the ground
attached at the feet
attached until i float
attached then not at all

what sound does a shadow make
the creaking of bones?
the grinding of teeth?
the paper on paper whisper
of a moth’s wings?

less eclipse than occlusion (20171008)

the sun rolls in a rut
in heaven each day
spiraling lower
and lower still
like a skee-ball
thrown so hard it pops into the outermost ring

zero tickets for the effort

i want to wrap you up
like a snake

i want to swallow you whole
and feel you inside me
clawing your way out
the way words and dreams
used to claw their way out
before i got fuzzy and dumb and tired

i want to remember
the names i called you by

i want one of them to be a magic word
that will make you happy
without anyone losing an eye

low on the horizon
i pinch the sun
between my fingers
smaller than a dime
that orange bastard
has been trying to
give me cancer for years
let it roll beneath the horizon
for all i care
i’ll put my head in the sink
fill it with water
and wait for the mermaids
to start singing

passing (20170729)

sweat sticking to my neck
like some kind of glue
the only thing
adhering is

the waning heat of
this summer evening

as with the night
so too the season

but there will
be flames ahead
we creep slowly into
fall like we’ve
forgotten to let go
of summer’s hand
while autumn waits
on the doorstep
checking her watch

september sky (20160920)

out walking
under this late
september sky

promised thunderstorms
never saw a drop of rain
dirty mud drops
spotted the bonnet of the car
where they dried

the air stinks of rain
refusing to fall
and diesel
–petrichor and fuel–
making me remember
autopia and the submarine ride
at disneyland

they don’t
take paper tickets

the blue in the sky
a cobalt strike
like earth when
you take her picture from space
clouds rolling
blisters of grey and
not quite white

i remember autumn
by the smell of leaves
wet sticky ones–all wilted lettuce
and dry ones–crackling thin potato chips

bring on the equinox
i’m ready for a day with
an equal amount of light
and darkness

Poem 20150907

the last official day
of commercial summer

so many sales
and a day that feels like
a repeat of sunday

no one considers
that the second day of summer
the day after the solstice
was shorter than the day before
with less daylight

minute by minute
the light shrinks

and now, the evening comes early
and soon
the evening will come earlier

i long for autumn
and for a change in the leaves
and a change in the air

as long as you don’t change
as long as summer shines
resplendent in your smile
every tree on the planet
can change color
and drift like snowflakes
and carpet the yards
and carports