NaPoWriMo Day 25

make a mess of it all

dissect living flesh without anasthetic

sow seeds to pluck later
sin’s littler flowers, rose-scented petals
so many, many thorns

feel the bones around the eyes
zygomaticocfacial foramen
posterior lacrimal crest

exotic birds waiting to sprout feathers
or fossilize like the ancient dinosaurs
they are

look at the t. rex skeleton
who says
hens don’t have teeth

bones, sticks, words (20170922)

bones are infrastructure
that appropriately wielded
sticks and stones may break

[i typed welded originally
and thought, now isn’t that interesting
bones made of metal–do they rust?
are they riveted in place?]

today is the first day of autumn
i feel i am coming down
with something, something seasonal

i wish it were pumpkin spice
but it puts me in a dour mood
drives me like a trained chauffeur

to the gates of a cemetery
with iron bars that resemble bones
or sticks

we park and wait for ghosts

song fragment (20170710)

we collected teeth along the shore
hey la, hey la, hey la
a necklace shiny and bright made we
hey la, hey la, hey la

a night and forever its length you wore
hey la, hey la, hey la
as i spoke with the voice of the sea
hey la, hey la, hey la

the moon shines pale upon your breast
hey la, hey la, hey la
now for eternity we are dressed
hey la, hey la, hey la

from my mouth (20170119)

my words are spittle
on rice paper
bleached driftwood carving lines
in the sand

you enter my blood like
like a fever and hollow me out
making flutes of my bones

i pull you close
smell your hair your skin
and still i breathe hot
on the mirror
and run a finger through it

we fall in love with ghosts
and with our ideas of ghosts
and our ideas are ghosts
and our words are their
quick and dead forms

skeletons fighting over a bone (20160911)

the sound of scraping
a spoon in a bowl
like when the ice cream is gone
or we’ve run out of guacamole
but we still have chips

[i’ll eat it off my fingers
if i run out of chips
but chips are so dry if the guac is gone]

where where where
from where does that scraping
sound emanate
bone on bone in the hip
the elbow
the teeth grinding
jaw popping
knuckles straining
and trailing on concrete
like the ape-man we are

it’s just
why does it have to sound like
an edgeless knife
dragged across a desiccated thigh bone