the angel’s confession (20170722)

i have hated you
–the angel says–
from the moment
of your creation

so weak and powerless
can’t fly
can’t sing
you call that sound
you make singing
but it’s only noise

my gears are polished silver, gold,
my skin translucent pearl
i breathe fire
but can bring forth flowers
by kissing the earth

you are trapped in your meat
and your blood
giving birth in terror
and agony to terrors and

did you know
your screaming
is the only thing
approaching communication
with the divine
that’s the real song
he wants to hear

you were never meant
for paradise
you were built to suffer
because misery loves
company and
the stony ground
was always your final

a charmed moment (20161105)


touch us gently, please
i wish for bread to fill an angel’s evening

this moment feels charmed
you shared your need like a quiet dance
devote a thousand words to
ask a promise I can never keep


Specks and Fragments/The Elusive Trope
Magnetic Poetry Saturday Challenge

shattered voices (Poem 20160503)

the angel unfurls its wings
wings of a thousand thousand feathers
each a razor black with blood

they beat
space is cut
voices of shattered glass
fill the air

it turns my way and i am pierced
lacerated by its message
its wings seek my heart
it flays the living flesh
from my bones
leaving no human trace
not even
my name