Poem 20160210

through these trees
a cold river runs
flowing true
wearing light
bold fish stare holding your gaze
your feet splash–shivers



Hey, it’s a twofer challenge!

The Secret Keeper
Weekly Writing Prompt #23
(5) Words: | STARE | RIVER | HOLD | TRUE | WEAR |


Jane Dougherty Writes
Poetry challenge #17: Shadorma

10 thoughts on “Poem 20160210”

  1. I love it. I can feel like I am floating with the river and experience the sensation of its motion. Extremely tactile. The shivers. Excellent.. Perfect with the words and écrite parfaitement! = jk

      1. The weekly prompts are fun and definitely challenging. I like to mix it up but some forms feel more familiar. I happy you take part. Your offerings are so original. I look forward to reading what you have written.

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