web in the morning (20210420)

the morning sun
lights up a spider’s single strand
stretching across the trail
a filament bristling like glass
as bright as any fiber optic thread

it makes no sound
as i pass through
expecting the tight twang
of a snapping violin string
or the light bell ring
of breaking glass

organic compounds (20170206)

the spider i rescued from
the bathtub drain
lives now under my skin

she spins and sings a song
that only i can hear
her song is a vibrating wire

my blood is silk

i eat my wife and children
with a knife and fork
so i can call myself civilized

but i am an amateur
though earnest
and i clean up after myself

my blood is water
my blood is venom
my blood is water

Poem 20160326

strands of web
lock me in this place
like a fly
i wait for
my own apex predator
this night full of stars

in the blackened sky
i don’t know
how i lost
or why now as the web sings
–a plucked violin–

thoughts of you
your laughter and tears
one more star
my spider–
i won’t leave a scratch, she says
as she now leans in

the secret keeper
Weekly Writing Prompt #29
(5) Words: | WEB | LOST | BLACK | SCRATCH | LOCK |